Car buying website

A car buying website for a UK based car buying service, Car2Cash.

Car buying website brief

Car2Cash approached me requiring a new car buying website for their new UK based car buying service. They wanted me to take car of the whole process from start to finish. Including, web design, SEO and also the creation of Google My Business and listing them on business directories.

My approach

Car buying website design

Keyword research

As with all my website design projects, I begin with keyword research. This process enables me to understand what potential customers are typing into Google for the service offered. And this then guides the pages we create for the website.

Search Engine Optimisation
Car2Cash Freelance Web Designer Project


Once I knew what keywords we were targeting and the pages the website required. I begun on a simple design which offered a very smooth user experience and directed users to the car registration form which was the main call to action.

Web development

After I presented the design to Chris at Car2Cash and he signed it off. I begun on bringing the design to life. I specialise in WordPress web design so I turned to WordPress here and quickly developed the design into a working website.

WordPress Web Design
Multi-step Contact Form

Multi-step form

An important feature for this website was the requirement for a very easy to use contact form. However, the form had many different fields, so I decided to create a easy to use multi-step form which doesn’t put potential customers off and provides a much better user experience.

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