WordPress maintenance packages

Peace of mind, WordPress maintenance packages. Keeping your website secure and backed up.

WordPress maintenance packages for my website customers

Keeping WordPress secure and backed up takes time and skill. But, it’s extremely important to do these tasks. Fortunately, for my website customers, I offer affordable WordPress maintenance packages that remove the stress completely for these daily tasks.

What I offer

WordPress maintenance packages

Regular backups

As part of my WordPress support package, I will perform regular backups of your website to ensure if anything goes wrong, we can revert back to a recent version of your website, ensuring you don’t lose any content.

Regular Backups with WordPress Maintenance Packages
WordPress Maintenance Packages Security Scans

Regular security scans

WordPress is the worlds leading CMS and that makes it a target for hackers. I will scan your website regularly to ensure it’s completely secure and hacker free at all times.

Content management

WordPress has an extremely easy-to-use editor where you’ll be able to make updates to your content. But of course, this can be time consuming. As part of my WordPress maintenance packages, I can do these updates for you. Leaving your extra time to concentrate on your business.

WordPress Web Design
WordPress Maintenance Reports

Software updates

There are many useful plugins which are used on WordPress websites. To keep your website safe and secure, you must update these plugins on a regular basis. All updates are covered under my WordPress maintenance package.

Uptime monitoring

Of course, your website needs to be live 100% of the time. However, servers do have downtime, even the very best. I’ll be alerted immediately if your website ever goes down and we can act accordingly if this happens too much.

Uptime Monitoring
Regular Software Updates With WordPress Maintenance Packages

Monthly reporting

As part of my WordPress maintenance packages I provide monthly reports so you can actually see what tasks I have been actually doing on your websites on a regular basis.

Looking for WordPress maintenance packages?

I offer WordPress maintenance packages to my website customers only. I offer this as a hosted solution so I have complete control over all aspects of the website so I can provide maximum value and ensure your website is in the best condition.

My work

WordPress maintenance customer


Car2Cash decided to take out my WordPress maintenance package so they could concentrate on their business and ensure their website is looked after professionally, hacker free and always online.

Case study

Car2Cash Freelance Web Designer Project

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! As part of my WordPress support packages I will perform regular security scans of your website. I will be the first to know if anything has gone wrong and the chances are, you’ll only find out once the issue is solved. This ensures no customers miss out on seeing your website.

Yes! I will keep multiple backups of your website at different locations, on different servers. If for any reason we need to restore your website from a backup, you can be sure it won’t be an old backup and you’ll not have lost any content.

My WordPress support packages are for my website customers only. I work this way because I know I designed and developed the website and I understand it inside out. This way I can provide maximum value. My WordPress support packages cost £50 per month.