Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Elevate your business online with proven search engine optimisation techniques for small businesses.

Search engine optimisation for small businesses

I can implement proven search engine optimisation strategies for small businesses and work with you to improve them over time. It’s important to understand right away, search engine optimisation strategies take time and we’ll have to review them on an ongoing basis.

My SEO strategies

Search engine optimisation

Website SEO review

The initial step of the search engine optimisation campaign is to do a complete review of your website SEO and see how it’s currently performing in the Google search engine. At this point we’ll identify and potential issues that need rectifying.

Technical Search Engine Optimisation
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Technical SEO

It’s important your website has great content, this goes without saying. But if Google doesn’t know how to read your content properly, then it’s a waste of time. I’ll set everything up so Google finds reading your website an absolute breeze.

Keyword research

Before we dive in a start writing great content, we need to have a solid understanding of what your target audience are searching for. Using keyword research we will discover great opportunities for content and this will guide the content we write.

Search Engine Optimisation
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Keyword optimisation

Once we know what keywords we are targeting and we’ve created great content targeting these keywords. We need to make sure we properly optimise each page on the website for these keywords for higher Google rankings.

Link building

When a website creates a link on their website and link back to your website, this tells Google you are a trusted source. This will increase your domain authority and your Google rankings. We have a number of techniques to ethically obtain backlinks.

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Let’s talk!

I have all the skills required to start your new website off on exactly the right tracks and give you the very best chance of success in the Google search engine. Get in touch today so we can have a chat and see if we are a good fit.

Looking for affordable search engine optimisation services in Hertfordshire?

Are you looking to elevate your website above your competitors with proven and ethical SEO strategies that are 100% inline with Google’s best practices? Give me a shout today and let’s so what we can do together.

My work

Recent search engine optimisation project


Car2Cash is a brand new UK based car buying service. They needed a website at an affordable price and they needed to get up the search engine. I identified a number of keywords that guided the content we produced and now we are constantly reviewing the analytics to see the results.

Case study

Car2Cash Freelance Web Designer Project

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Frequently asked questions

Any company or freelance web designer that guarantees they’ll get you to number 1 on Google should probably be avoided, unless you’ve been working together for some time. Achieving a number 1 result on Google can be easy, or extremely tough. It takes much time and research and implementations to rank in Google. It’s not an over-the-night-process.

Absolutely! This is exactly my target audience. I really enjoy working with small businesses and providing search engine optimisation strategies that really help elevate you above your competitors. I’ve worked with a number of start-up tradesmen and helped them achieve fantastic ratings in the search engines.

I’ve used both Google Adwords and SEO on a number of small business websites. It’s true, Google Adwords can yield amazing results. With SEO, if you set the website up correctly from the start with proper keyword research and implementation, you’ll see results in a couple of months.