Responsive web design

Responsive web design, to display your content perfectly, on all devices.

Why responsive web design?

Responsive web design is an approach to creating mobile friendly websites. In the past 7 years, mobile website traffic has increased by over 222%, with over half the internet now viewing websites on mobile devices. So, having a mobile friendly website, is a must!

My approach

Responsive web design

Mobile first

I design and develop all responsive websites to be mobile first. Why? Because it’s important to limit the size of the web page for mobile devices. Adding only the absolute essential content on mobiles first, is a smart move for website performance.

Mobile First Responsive Web Design
Responsive Web Design Image Optimisation

Image optimisation

When building any website it’s super important these days to optimise your images. Images can really take time to load and slow websites down. With all the content on the internet today, if your website takes time to load, potential customers just move onto the next website.

Cost effective

When compared to building a separate mobile version of your website. The responsive web design approach is a far more cost effective way to build a website that displays on mobiles.

Cost Effective Responsive Web Design
Search Engine Optimisation

Google loves mobile websites

Did you know, if your website isn’t built using modern responsive techniques and it doesn’t perform well on mobiles. Google may not even show it in their mobile search results. That’s 50% of the internet, that won’t see your website!

Improved user experience

Ever tried using a website that’s not responsive on a phone? Yeah, me too. And I wasn’t on that page for long. Mobile friendly websites provide and much more enjoyable user experience for your customers and is sure to reduce your bounce rate.

Quality Cheap Website Design
Freelance Web Designer Responsive Web Design

All devices

Building websites using the responsive web design approach means your website is responsive and can be viewed on ANY device. This is a game changer for websites.

Looking for responsive web design services in Hertfordshire?

Are you looking for a web designer in Hertfordshire that specialises designing responsive websites? Look no further! I design stunning and fast performing mobile friendly websites. Get in touch today!

My work

Recent responsive web design project


Car2Cash needed an affordable website that was going to look amazing on mobile devices, but also performed very well. I designed a stunning responsive website that provides an amazing user experience on all mobiles.

Case study

Car2Cash Freelance Web Designer Project

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Frequently asked questions

There are a number of reasons why you should choose responsive web design over building a new mobile version of your website. It’s much cheaper to build just one website that adapts to all screen sizes. A responsive website offers a more consistent experience for your users. And it’s far less time consuming to build a responsive website, compared to a mobile version.

No! As a freelance web designer who cares very much about the products I produce, I only build websites using the responsive approach. With over 50% of website users now viewing websites on mobiles, responsive websites are the standard now, and not an afterthought.

Absolutely! When designing and developing responsive websites, I take the mobile first approach. This means I display on critical content on smaller devices, drastically increasing website loading times. Also, I ensure your images are properly optimised which also has a large effect on the loading times for your website.

This is the great thing about responsive websites, they adapt to the size of the screen they are being viewed on. So in short, your website is almost guaranteed to work on absolutely every device available.